The Saints Network is a divine and cooperative collection of people, prayer groups and churches. This is not a denomination, but a divinely inspired gathering of people who willingly join in the pursuit of purpose, depth and function in the Kingdom of God. The bond of the Saints Network is formed by the strong commitment to the purpose of God, as revealed in His Word and through ongoing relationship with Him.

The Saints are part of the church, but are called to a higher function than general existence. We are a people who must seek God daily and who are fueled by the passion gained from intercession in diversities of tongues. We seek to interpret what God is saying during our times of commune with Him and we do this in conjunction with the written Word of God.

You can find more about the Saints Network by going to:

                    The Father’s Church                           Pastor Ron Crawford                      Dallas, Texas               

                    The Father’s Church in Tucson             Pastor Teresa Smith                      Tucson, Arizona

                    Church in the Wilderness                    Pastor Pam Scott                          Thomas, West Virginia

                    Glory Tabernacle                                Pastor Robert Fulton                     Brooklyn, New York

                    The Dwelling House                           Pastor Levester Jones                    Tampa, Florida

                    Agape House                                     Pastor Hailey Ratliff                       Hinton, West Virginia

                  International Saints Groups

                    Montelimar, France                            Luc and Sylvie Binachon

                    Bordeaux, France                              Franck Stuart

                    Lyon, France                                     Patricia Richard

                    Mougins Le Haut, France                    Julia Wilkinson

                    Nice, France                                     Marc & Marie-Astrid Pichonnier

                    Capbreton, France                            Mathias & Laurence Jourdain

                    Callian Provence Alpes-Cote D’Azur, France                    Darius Zadernowski & Isabelle Champeroux

                    Geneva, Switzerland                          Olivia Zehfus

                    Bangalore, India                                Ratna Kumar                                  School of the Saints

                    Verviers, Belgium                              Alain & Colette Gueuing

                    Arendonk, Belgium                            Pastor Chris Delaere

                    Tournai, Belgium                               Pastor Michel Barbez

                    Luxembourg                                      Sibelle de Souza

                    Lagos, Nigeria                                   Pastor Emmanuel Falodun

                    Martinique/Guadalupe                        Pastor Jean Jacques KatshuvaBisherera

                    Uganda, Africa                                  Pastor Gerald Mwebe

                    Cotonou, Benin, Africa                       Pastor Ferdinand Glaglanon