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NOTE: 2023 Fall Seminar files will only be kept on this website for a few months.

Session 1:  Pastor Ron Crawford Renewing the Kingdom (no handout)

Session 2: Pastor Ron Crawford Objective in the Land of Promise (Deuteronomy 12:1-8, Judges 17:6; 21:25)

Session 3: Pastor Ron Crawford Schools of Samuel

Session 4: Shea Monihan Fruit Trees of 7 Species
Fruit Trees Handout

Evening Session 1: Pastor Ron Crawford Tress of Abraham

Session 5: Pastor Ron Crawford High Places

Session 6: Pastor Ron Crawford High Places 2

Session 7: Shea Monihan Mountains, Hill, Trees

Session 8: Shea Monihan Mountains, Hill, Trees 2

Evening Session 2: Monica Terrill Rachel Weeps
Rachel Weeps Handout

Session 9: Pastor Fabian Arroyo We Men Of War
We Men Of War Handout

Session 10: Mark Burke Forget Not
Forget Not Handout

Session 11: Pastor Ron Crawford Shoutings

Session 12: Pastor Ron Crawford Parting Message


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5 Fold Prophet: Prophet

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