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NOTE: Teachings will only be kept on this website for four months.

05-26-24: Pastor Larry Sparrow Putting On the New Man
Putting On the New Man Handout

05-26-24: Pastor A. Lacy Makrothumeo
Makrothumeo Handout

05-19-24: Pastor Larry Sparrow Godhead
Godhead Handout

05-19-24: Pastor A. Lacy Hasty Heart
Hasty Heart Handout

05-12-24: Pastor Larry Sparrow Nathanael’s Vow
Nathanael’s Vow Handout

05-12-24: Pastor A. Lacy Emmity
Emmity Handout

05-05-24: Pastor Larry Sparrow Making The Leap
Making The Leap Handout

05-05-24: Adrienne Smith Help Meet
Help Meet Handout

04-21-24: Pastor Larry Sparrow A Work In Progress
A Work In Progress Handout

04-28-24: David Smith Squirmy Devil
Squirmy Devil Handout

04-21-24: Pastor Larry Sparrow A Work In Progress
A Work In Progress Handout

04-21-24: Pastor A. Lacy The Love of The Truth
The Love of The Truth Handout

04-14-24: Pastor Larry Sparrow The Great Reward
No Handout

04-14-24: Kim Booth How Ready are You?
How Ready are You? Handout

04-07-24: Pastor Larry Sparrow Our Visitation
No Handout

04-07-24: Pastor A. Lacy This Treasure
This Treasure Handout

03-31-24: Pastor Larry Sparrow The Resurrection and The Histemi
The Resurrection and The Histemi Handout

03-31-24: Carmen Parise Don’t Tell
Don’t Tell Handout

03-24-24: Pastor Larry Sparrow Meek Triumph
No Handout

03-24-24: Pastor A. Lacy Renew (Their) Strength
Renew (Their) Strength Handout

03-10-24: Pastor Larry Sparrow Blessed Assurance
Blessed Assurance Handout

03-10-24: Pastor A. Lacy We Have Been Changed
We Have Been Changed Handout

03-03-24: Pastor Larry Sparrow Smell That?
No Handout

03-03-24: Pastor Vicky Sparrow Agapeo the Function of Agape
Agapeo the Function of Agape Handout

02-25-24: Pastor Larry Sparrow Stedfast
No Handout

02-25-24: Pastor A. Lacy Arise
Arise Handout

02-18-24: Pastor Larry Sparrow For God So Loved
No Handout

02-18-24: Adrienne Smith Are We Searching?
Are We Searching? Handout

02-11-24: Pastor Larry Sparrow Transformed
No Handout

02-11-24: Pastor A. Lacy Lovingkindness
Lovingkindness Handout

02-04-24: Pastor Larry Sparrow The Principles of the Heart
No Handout

02-04-24: Jocelyn Schroyer Saints 4 Life
Saints 4 Life Handout

01-28-24: Pastor Larry Sparrow Aiteo
No Handout

01-28-24: Pastor A. Lacy Grace is the Fuel
Grace is the Fuel Handout

01-21-24: Pastor Larry Sparrow What Are You Wearing
No Handout

01-21-24: David Smith Identify As or Be a Christian
Identify As or Be a Christian Handout

01-14-24: Pastor Larry Sparrow Hezekiah’s Plan
No Handout

01-14-24: Pastor A. Lacy Cornerstone
Cornerstone Handout

01-07-24: Pastor Larry Sparrow Without Fear
Without Fear Handout

01-07-24: N/A

12-24-23: Pastor Larry Sparrow Light is Sprung Up
Light is Sprung Up Handout

12-24-23: Adrienne Smith Voice of One
Voice of One Handout

12-10-23: Pastor Larry Sparrow Simeon’s Waiting
Simeon’s Waiting Handout

12-10-23: Pastor A. Lacy The Call
The Call Handout

12-03-23: Pastor Larry Sparrow Overcoming is Victory
Overcoming is Victory Handout

12-03-23: Pastor Vicky Sparrow How Small Is Too Small
How Small Is Too Small Handout