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10-18-20: Pastor Larry Sparrow  What Is God Doing/a>
What Is God Doing

10-18-20: Carmen Parise  Anything Goes
Anything Goes

10-11-20: Pastor Larry Sparrow  Why Angels
Why Angels

10-11-20: Pastor Annette Lacy  To Agitate
To Agitate

10-4-20: Pastor Larry Sparrow  Taking Our Inheritance
Taking Our Inheritance

10-4-20: Adrienne Smith  Psalm 82
Psalm 82

9-27-20: Pastor Larry Sparrow  Washing of Feet
Washing of Feet

9-27-20: Pastor Annette Lacy  What I Learned
What I Learned

9-13-20: Pastor Larry Sparrow  Enter His Rest
Enter His Rest

9-13-20: Pastor Annette Lacy  Led By The Spirit
Led By The Spirit

9-6-20: Pastor Larry Sparrow  Looking Beyond the Glass
Looking Beyond the Glass

9-6-20: Vicki Sparrow  Abide

8-30-20: Pastor Larry Sparrow  Spiritual Distancing
Spiritual Distancing

8-30-20: Pastor Annette Lacy  I Am Thy Servant
I Am Thy Servant

8-23-20: Pastor Larry Sparrow  Good Footwork
Good Footwork

8-23-20: Kim Booth  Position and Perserverance
Position and Perserverance

8-16-20: Pastor Annette Lacy  The Power of Oz
The Power of Oz

8-9-20: Pastor Larry Sparrow  God Is In Control
God Is In Control

8-9-20: David Smith  Truth

7-26-20: Pastor Larry Sparrow  Righteous Vision
Righteous Vision

7-26-20: Robyn McDole  Enough

7-19-20: Pastor Larry Sparrow  Perfect

7-19-20: Carmen Parise  Serving

7-12-20: Pastor Larry Sparrow  Lively Stones
Lively Stones

7-12-20: Pastor Annette Lacy  A Specific Time and Season
A Specific Time and Season