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NOTE: Teachings will only be kept on this website for two months.

8-28-22: Pastor Larry Sparrow What’s Going On
What’s Going On Handout

8-28-22: Vicki Sparrow Joy DEUX
JOY DEUX Handout

8-21-22: Pastor Larry Sparrow Answer That Call
Answer That Call Handout

8-21-22: Carmen Parise Gleaned Opportunities
Gleaned Opportunities Handout

8-14-22: Pastor Larry Sparrow Koinonia of a Son
Koinonia of a Son Handout

8-14-22: Pastor A Lacy Sorrow and Hope
Sorrow & Hope Handout

8-07-22: Pastor Larry Sparrow God’s Ways
God’s Ways Handout

8-07-22: Adrienne Smith Keep On Pressing On
Keep On Pressing On Handout

7-31-22: Mark Burke part 2 Learning to Be Led Part 2
Learning to Be Led Handout

7-31-22: Mark Burke part 1 Learning to Be Led Part
Learning to Be Led Handout

7-17-22: Pastor Larry Sparrow Knowing Is Half the Battle
Knowing Is Half The Battle Handout

7-17-22: Kimberly Booth A Parable
A Parable Handout

7-10-22: Pastor Larry Sparrow Perfect Strength
Perfect Strength Handout

7-10-22: Jocelyn Schroyer Trust in the Lord
Trust in the Lord Handout

7-3-22: Pastor Larry Sparrow Liberty
Liberty Handout

7-3-22: Pastor A. Lacy Dangerous Blindness
Dangerous Blindness Handout

6-19-22: Pastor Larry Sparrow The Ultimate Father
The Ultimate Father Handout

6-26-22: Pastor Larry Sparrow Your Moderation Is Showing
Your Moderation Is Showing Handout

6-19-22: Pastor A. Lacy Let They Words Be Few
Let They Words Be Few Handout

6-12-22: Pastor Larry Sparrow A Troubled Soul
A Troubled Soul Handout

6-12-22: Gail Crytzer It’s Our Choice to Fully Function
It’s Our Choice to Fully Function Handout

6-5-22: Pastor Larry Sparrow Growing Up
Growing Up Handout

6-5-22: David Smith What is Truth
What is Truth Handout