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5-8-22: Pastor Larry Sparrow Greater Than a Mom’s Love
Greater Than a Mom’s Love Handout

5-8-22: Kimberly Booth Mind Your Understanding
Mind Your Understanding Handout

5-1-22: Pastor Larry Sparrow Redemption of Our Body
Redemption of Our Body Handout

5-1-22: Carmen Parise True Relationship

4-24-22: Pastor Larry Sparrow Are We There Yet
Are We There Yet Handout

4-24-22: P. A. Lacy Fail (not)
Fail (not) Handout

4-20-22: Pastor Larry Sparrow The Power of the Resurrection
The Power of the Resurrection Handout

4-20-22: D. Smith Today’s Commissioning
Today’s Commissioning Handout

4-10-22: Pastor Larry Sparrow Children of Light
Children of Light Handout

4-10-22: P. A. Lacy Trust
Trust Handout

3-27-22: Pastor Larry Sparrow Faith, Our Occupation
Faith, Our Occupation Handout

3-27-22: P. A. Lacy Serve God
Serve God Handout

3-13-22: Pastor Larry Sparrow Parresia
Parresia Handout

3-13-22: P. A. Lacy Supplies
Supplies Handout

3-6-22: Pastor Larry Sparrow New Creatures
New Creatures Handout

3-6-22: Carmen Parise What’s Prepared for Us
What’s Prepared for Us Handout